Rhodes To Wellness Coaching

Helping You Find Wholeness Following Trauma


Rhodes To Wellness Coaching

Helping You Find Wholeness Following Trauma


About Me


Hello & Welcome to my website. I am so honoured that you are here.

My name is Janet Rhodes and I am a Trauma Professional & Coach. My business, Rhodes To Wellness Coaching offers you clarity and purpose while you move forward and live a whole and fulfilling life.

 I work with trauma survivors as a peer, mentor, guide and educator with the goal of helping my clients understand their recovery process, reconnect with themselves and the world ... Learn more

Walking With You

Is there is a difference between therapy and coaching? 

You bet there is! 

Coaching can achieve effective results using evidence based science and personalization in a short amount of time. Recovery does take time, but trauma coaching is usually done over a shorter time span than therapy. Coaching allows you to experience actual results in your quality of life that you can notice in shorter amounts of time than traditional talk therapy. Tra... Learn more

An Experienced Coach

If you’re looking for ways to improve your life I can help you.

What can you expect?

I offer you:

A safe space to feel supported & encouraged.

A widening of your window of tolerance.
Create more flexibility in your nervous system.

Learn to work with your own nervous system.  

Become knowledgeable of your triggers and your responses.

Somatic Tools to regulate your nervous system. 

Learn how to regulate your emotions.

Learn the importance... Learn more


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Sarah Brownlee
Janet has the book smarts and the firsthand experiences to be an excellent coach. Extremely patient, caring and creative woman. I have recommended many friends to reach out to Janet in their ...
Rebecca Lynne

Thank you Janet! Your coaching has helped me come to some great
realizatons about myself and about my life. Your kindness and sincerity
helped me feel free to open up about things I might not ...

Janet Clark

Janet has true sincerity in the work she does! 

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Feel free to message me with any of your concerns or inquiries. I will respond within 24 hrs. 

No concerns? I'd love it if you sent me your email address. I'll add you to my mailing list for new promos & my newsletter. 

Practice Self-Love

We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves because we are all a work in progress. 

 Would you like to embrace all of yourself and practice some self love? 

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