1:1 Private Coaching Session via Zoom - Sliding scale for fee is available.

1:1 Private Coaching Session via Zoom - Sliding scale for fee is available.

per hour

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be free of the heaviness carrying around your past traumas has created?

What do you think your days be like? 

Would you be able to enjoy a peaceful sleep? 

Would you wake in the morning excited to meet a new day, instead of wanting to pull the blankets over your head? 

Would you laugh more?

Would connecting with others not feel scary?

Or perhaps you would be able to look in the mirror and tell that reflection with deep honesty, "I love you and you are worth it."

Can I tell you something? 

All of those possibilities ARE within your reach!

You do not need to live the rest of your life carrying the baggage of your past trauma's. 


My focus is you feeling safe as we explore your past, see how that has shaped you and then I walk with you as you let your pain, grief, sadness, anxiety be. 

We start off by doing a Free No Obligation Discovery Call where I get to know a bit about you, and you of me to make sure we fit. :) 

 In our following sessions together we will examine:

1. How you feel about different areas of your life & set goals. 

2. Take a look at any triggers, and learned coping skills you have developed. 

3. Restructure the areas of your life that cause you stress and anxiety. 

4. Examine any limited beliefs you have. 

5. Explore your personal boundaries and create new ones if needed. 

6. Lastly we will examine anything else that you find is holding you back & build your support system.  

By the end of our time together my goal is that you will feel relief, peace, joy, belonging & fulfillment in your life. 

We can exchange unlimited emails between sessions so that you can receive all of the support that you need.  

 I look forward to connecting with you!


Janet Rhodes 

PS. A sliding scale on fees is available for those suffering financial hardship. 


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