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Walking With You On Your Healing Journey

Walking With You On Your Healing Journey

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like, to lift the heaviness that sits on your chest from past traumas. 

How do you think that would feel?

I can tell you.


It is a feeling of joy, happiness and freedom. You are no longer weighed down by your self doubts, struggling with your self-worth or feeling disconnected from yourself. You no longer feel those chains weighing you down. Instead of looking to the ground when someone speaks to you, you have a sparkle about you as you look people in the eye! 

You definitely deserve to feel that wholeness & freedom.

For years, due to the multiple traumas I experienced, I battled a low self esteem, low self worth and I chose relationships that only hurt me further. I could not shake the baggage I was carrying and this affected my health. I developed anxiety, depression and I was diagnosed with PTSD. I felt like I was carrying around the jains of a jailer. I found myself unable to focus, get a full nights sleep or find any joy in my life. It was then that I started my journey of healing. 

 By seeing Professionals and healing my past pains I was finally able to break free! I felt such a deep sense of freedom, overall lightness and love for myself.

I realized that my poor self image was solely built by those who had abused me in the past. They didn't know me. Not really. How could they possibly be able to tell me who I was and be speaking the truth?

They couldn't. 

Once I realized my own self worth and rebuilt myself, I began mentoring Survivors of abuse. I have done that rewarding work now for 11 years. I also returned to Post Secondary Schooling and studied psychology, social work, and became certified in coaching, NLP and traumatology.

With the many insights each Survivor gave me, and my own past journey plus my education, I have developed a coaching package; Trauma & Beyond. This package is as unique as you are. We start with a discovery session where you get to know me and I get to know you. It is important for us both to know that we "fit". If you are happy with our connection we then book sessions on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on your needs.

In the past I have helped clients with:

- Low Self-Esteem & Low Self-Worth

-Those wanting to recover from codependency.

-Those healing from abuse. 

-Those healing from having a relationship with an addict. 

- Those battling various mental health illnesses. 

- Those dealing with unhealed childhood trauma. 

I look forward to connecting with you and walking with you on this part of your journey.