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Rhodes To Wellness Coaching

An Experienced Coach

An Experienced Coach

If you’re looking for ways to improve your life I can help you.

What can you expect?


 My business, Rhodes To Wellness Coaching offers you clarity and purpose while you move forward and live a whole and fulfilling life. My program will help you heal and get you back on track. 

 I offer you:

A safe space to feel supported & encouraged.

A widening of your window of tolerance. 

Create more flexibility in your nervous system.

Learn to work with your own nervous system.

Become knowledgeable of your triggers and your responses.  

Somatic Tools to regulate your nervous system.   

Learn how to regulate your emotions.

Learn the importance of boundaries. 

Attachment work.

Letting go of stored trauma. 

Less anxiety, more peace. 

Increased experiences of internal states of safety.

More freedom from past conditioning. 

Inner child work.   

More self-compassion.

Increased feelings of resilience. 

Less feelings of stuckness.  

Increased self-awareness and feelings of safety. 

An understanding of the neurobiological imprint trauma can have. 


You will learn the science behind why this happens, and how to begin to gently reconnect. 

Trauma disempowers. You will begin to recover your resilience and build your capacity to be in the present moment.  

You will gain
awareness of your own autonomic nervous system so you can feel more in control of your experience. 

You will learn regulating tools to support your nervous system back to a more settled place of
inner safety and connection. 

You will learn about your
inner child and ways to compassionately connect and support yourself. 

Learn to create
boundaries that leave you feeling safe and protected.

I can offer one-to-one sessions via Zoom, or by phone, to help you work through your problems and look to the future - facing it with renewed confidence.